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Dear Sir,
I am so glad to introduce our company to you.We are special in making:
1. wood and pvc composite (WPC) extrusion tooling
2. Extrusion tooling for PE/PP and wood powder(chaff powder, sawdust, and wheat straw pole etc) composite
3. Extrusion tooling for low foaming PVC profiles , decoration profiles

Our company highlights the development of new product and the conception of environmental protection and economy of energy. Such as the PVC and wood powder deveoloped with the cooperation of Lvzhike company of Shenzhen in early years, its formula added masterbatch, the color and the grain of the extrusion products's surface and profile is natural lifelike and very beautiful. and has good heat insulation, sound insulation, it's also has such characteristics as antiseptic, insect proof, fire proof, no deformation. and can be machined by using common wood mechanics. such as can be planed, can be sawed, can be nailed, can be painted, can be printed, nonpoisonous and odorless, can ... [Detailed]
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